Packaging Design Centre

From an initial review, through technical advice, design, development, fabrication and full laboratory performance testing, we're equipped to help you at every stage of the way to the complete solution. KCL's highly experienced design department is renowned for generating solutions to fit individual applications. From 3D CAD drawings to the production of working prototypes, KCL's Award Winning design team are able to support the customer at every stage of design process.

Wood Replacement Alternative:

KCL has introduced “SumoBoard”, a board so strong that it can replace wood.

Benefits of using SumoBoard

  • Recyclable product
  • Re-useable solution
  • Replaces wood
  • Bio-degradable

Applications of SumoBoard

  • Heavy duty corrugated sheet & cases
  • Transit & protective packaging solutions
  • Pallets
  • Air freight packs
  • Intermediate bulk containers
  • Liquid bulk containers
  • Export & removal packaging

Specialised Coatings

KCL uses different types of coatings giving additional protective properties to corrugated containers, suiting our customers' specific requirements. Following are some of the coating we do:

  • Water Resistance Coating
  • Rust Resistant Coating
  • Anti-Static Coating
  • Abrasion Resistant Coating