We manage packing supply chains for our customers (our core Competence), so we have to be very good at what we do! Our aim is to achieve our joint business objective and targets with all our customers. Even so, financial saving are only part of the overall equation packaging plays a critical role throughout the production and distribution chain.

Services and products

PSM is anything but a’ me too’ business and cannot be compared to a traditional ‘packaging company’ because what we provide is so unique. Our offering is broken down into two key services:

  • Day to Day Management of your packaging products, services, suppliers and (packaging related) administration activities.
  • Supply-Chain Evaluation of current and future packaging solution. The combination of the services we provide are what differentiates us from traditional packaging suppliers, no-one can offer the same levels of experience, services, knowledge and resource in managing and developing packaging supply chains, and therefor are unable to deliver the same results.

Total Packaging Management

Commodity management PSM will procure ALL the types of packaging through your existing suppliers (including those mandated if required) as well as products from our own supply base. It is this ability to provide a true ‘one stop’ that makes PSM unique in the market.